A photo of Val DiEuliis
A photo of Val DiEuliis
My name is Val DiEuliis. I am an electrical engineer with over 45 years of experience in the electronics industry. As an independent consultant since 1984, I have served a diverse clientele having equally diverse needs. I have consulted with large corporations, small companies, startup companies, and individual entrepreneurs concerning their products and technologies. I have managed projects, studied product and system feasibility, assessed technology, advised executive management, mentored young engineers, and served as an expert witness in patent litigation. I have developed electronic products, systems, and devices for industrial, consumer, commercial, military, and medical applications. I have performed research and development in corporate and academic laboratories, and worked with testing, sustaining engineering, and manufacturing organizations. I have also taught graduate and undergraduate courses in electronics, computer networks, and control theory.

I have developed software, firmware, and electronic hardware including analog circuits, digital circuits, and electronic microcontroller-based devices, for a variety of applications, including light detection, sensing industrial valve position using magneto-resistive devices, diagnosing under-the-hood automotive sensors, detecting phosphorescence, measuring the height of river water, charging batteries for an orthopedic tool, and testing furnace igniters. I've designed servo systems, data detectors, signal processors, and test systems for magnetic disk and CD, DVD, Magneto-Optical (MO), and WORM optical disc technologies, and I've designed computer peripheral devices for PC, EISA, VME, and proprietary data busses. I have evaluated product design and performance and have characterized electronic and electro-mechanical components for performance and failure. The table below highlights many of the skills and areas of expertise that I've applied to these projects.

Areas of Expertise
Algorithms Analog Circuit Design Assembly Language Battery Charging Systems
Battery Monitoring Battery Powered Devices C/C++, Java, Visual Basic Computers and Peripherals
Control Systems Data Acquisition Data Communications Data Storage
Digital Circuit Design Digital Signal Processing Electro-Mechanical Devices Electronic Devices
Embedded Systems FPGA Development Hardware Instrumentation
Internet Laser Optics Low-Power Electronics Magnetic Disk Technology
Magnetic Systems Mathematical Modeling MATLAB and Simulink Microcontrollers
Microprocessors Networks Optical Detection Optical Disc Technology
Product Development Power Management Power Supply Design VHDL and Verilog
Project Management Requirements Sensors Servo Systems
Software and Firmware Specifications SPICE Simulation System Design
Technology Assessment Web Development Wide Band Circuit Design Wireless Communication